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Here at Whitethorn Garden Rooms we take great pride in offering our clients a 1-2-1 designer/client service. We know that every Garden Room is as unique as every client. That’s why all our Garden Room designs are hand-crafted from scratch and come with their own 3D concept drawings.

Garden Room Design for year round use. Professional Installation and Bespoke Design.

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All our Garden Rooms are based on expert Timber Frame design and come complete in Kit Form Delivery. This allows us to take care of much of the work off-site at our workshop. With the huge benefit of keeping mess and disruption at your home to an absolute minimum. Something that cannot always be avoided with time-laden home renovations and extensions.

  • We truly believe our 135mm fully insulated compact wall system offers our clients among the very best Garden Rooms available on the market today.
  • Complete with a 20mm cavity airflow, breathable vapour barrier, 9mm OSB Sheeting (Grade 3), 100mm x 35mm studwork frame, choice of insulation and interior finish.

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All Garden Rooms designed by Whitethorn can come with:

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With a 1-2-1 Designer/Client service just follow our 3 simple steps for the Garden Room you’ve always wanted.

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Call Whitethorn Garden Rooms today on 07706807482 or simply fill in our easy to use Contact Us Form and together we can create a Garden Room perfect for you.

Garden Pods

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Garden Pods are a contemporary, stylish, attractive solution to creating the perfect garden room in the smallest available spaces.

Key Features:

Laminate wooden flooring          2 Tone paint finish          Electrics         Foil backed insulation          1 Opening window         Low E Glazing EPDM rubber membrane roof         Dry-lined interior                   135mm insulated compact wall system

From only £5895

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